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2018 Guide to WAN Architecture and Design - Applying SDN and NFV at the Edge

Chapter 1: State of the WAN

We have partnered Dr. Jim Metzler a leading network analyst and founder and vice president of Ashton, Metzler & Associates to provide you with the 2018 Guide to WAN Architecture and Design.  We are currently offering the first chapter with valuable insight into the WAN, SD-WAN and state of the branch office.  In chapter one, you will learn about:

The current state of the WAN

  • Concerns with WAN Services
  • Factors Impacting the WAN


  • Plans for Evaluating and Implementing SD-WANs
  • Drivers  and Inhibitors of SD-WAN Adoption
  • Preferred Locations of WAN Functionality
  • Choice of Implementation Options
  • Desired Functionality
  • Deployment Issues

State of the Branch Office

  • Current Deployment of Servers and Appliances
  • Planning for the Evolution of the Branch
  • Breadth of Branch Office Functionality
  • Current and Intended Use of Virtualization
  • Implementation of Branch Office Virtualization

Following chapters will offer a deeper dive into the considerations network organization need to keep in mind as they evaluate alternative SD-WAN and SD-Branch solutions as well as an ecosystem of WAN vendors.

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